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We are looking for the following:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Photography

Vital Narrative Press is ONLY interested in publishing works by minority authors and/or stories about people of color. If you are interested in becoming an author and have a complete manuscript or collection, send a synopsis and sample to


(NOTE: Manuscripts should be submitted in 12 pt., Times New Roman font in .doc format.)


In all my years of refusing

To father children,

It was not because

I did not want to deal with

Feedings at three in the morning or

Impending pre-teen angst or even because

I feared the financial ramifications—

I am simply scared to death

That I will raise

An innocent bulls-eye

Whose dreams will remain unfulfilled

By the hands of racist policemen

"A Woman’s Gospel"

I used to think that

My soulmate would be

God’s most perfect gift,

Hand-wrapped in

An impossible rainbow

That would supply me

With euphoria beyond measure—


As time passed,

I discovered that

Women are very rarely

Neatly packaged boxes of light

That you open up

To learn of all that is

Exquisite about the world—

More correctly,

They are cracked mirrors

That you must learn to

Hold in the highest regard

Because that is

The only way

You will be able to see

All of the beauty

Presently within yourself

That you mistook

For darkness

"Late Nights & Early Mornings"

She tells me that

Her favorite thing to do is

Breathe my air—

At night,

We lay in cloud-nine comforters

Each facing a mirrored destiny with

Eyes locked on a future that

We both need and both want and

Before slumber comes to us,

She comes to me and

We come together to cum together—

The following morning,

Early in the a.m.

She races ahead of sunlight rays through

Cracked window blinds,

Before nightfall has conceded to daybreak and

Even before toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash

Have made love alongside my teeth and gums,

She is already asking for kisses—

I find it wondrous that

A woman can find such solace in my lips