"Late Nights & Early Mornings"

She tells me that

Her favorite thing to do is

Breathe my air—

At night,

We lay in cloud-nine comforters

Each facing a mirrored destiny with

Eyes locked on a future that

We both need and both want and

Before slumber comes to us,

She comes to me and

We come together to cum together—

The following morning,

Early in the a.m.

She races ahead of sunlight rays through

Cracked window blinds,

Before nightfall has conceded to daybreak and

Even before toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash

Have made love alongside my teeth and gums,

She is already asking for kisses—

I find it wondrous that

A woman can find such solace in my lips

"I’m Only Ignoring You For My Sanity"

Every time that

I hear your voice

A jagged piece of glass finds it way

Into the walls of my heart and

Drags itself through every inch until

A wound opens up that causes blood

To pour out and it nearly kills me

Because it takes days to stop the gushing—

This type of near-death experience is

Simply not worth the pain involved,

So forgive me if 

I never speak to you again