"I’m Only Ignoring You For My Sanity"

Every time that

I hear your voice

A jagged piece of glass finds it way

Into the walls of my heart and

Drags itself through every inch until

A wound opens up that causes blood

To pour out and it nearly kills me

Because it takes days to stop the gushing—

This type of near-death experience is

Simply not worth the pain involved,

So forgive me if 

I never speak to you again

"Things I Should Have Said Long Before Now"

Last night,

I spent twelve hours trying to figure out how to

Kidnap the radiance in your smile because

You taught me how to love again,

How to accept my flaws and

Know that I am worthy of joy—

Gentle woman,

You are the personification of a peaceful soul,

I can misplace weeks caught up in daydreams

About how I cannot wait to have you in my arms—


Tell me

Why must you be so perfect?

Why must your big brown eyes

Hold my heartstrings captive?

The prospect of lips kissed puts me

In the most sublime of moods

Please, please

Come to me again soon…

Do not ever stray,

I only want to love you