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tripp-and-fall asked:

I don't know if you follow button poetry, but they're a really popular poetry page. I'm sure you've seen some videos. They're having a competition and the winner gets their book published through them. Thought you might be interested.

I actually do follow Button Poetry. I’m a big fan of their videos. Didn’t realize they were having a competition though. I’ll have to hop on that. Appreciate the heads-up!

It’s almost 9:00 AM here on the East Coast. Let me vent a little bit if that’s cool.

I seriously don’t know how to stop this grind that I’ve been on for the past six weeks. I feel like I’m working until failure every night. It’s like people have to force me to stop working, just so I can sleep and eat. I’ve been designing book covers, creating promotional content, rehearsing for this upcoming tour, building my brand and writing like crazy just because I want to feel like I’m putting everything I have into making this my career.

If I got paid based on the time I’ve put in, I’d be getting at least 40 hours overtime every single week. I’m literally waking up and just working until my body gives out.

I’ve been busting my ass trying to get things ready for the end of this year because I’m dedicated to putting out dope shit. I know a lot of people think artists are lazy, but I put my all into this before I see a dime (and sometimes, I don’t even get to see a dime). This independent artist thing isn’t a glamorous life by any means (at least not yet).

I don’t think people understand that. And like, it’s not even about the money, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about quitting like damn near every other day and doing some regular shit, just so I can collect a check.

But I love creating. I absolutely love this shit.

I don’t really have a purpose for venting right now. I’m not angry or anything. Just exhausted and wanted to be real for a moment. I hope y’all appreciate all the work being put in.

*SHAMELESS PLUG* The Year That AnsweredA Collection of Echoes willrelease on November 10th.

I’m not asking for a whole lot (at least I don’t think I am). If there’s ever been a poem, a line, a word that you appreciated in your time here, I just ask that you support as much as you can and help me put my art out there by sharing it with anyone that you feel would benefit.

Dassit. Dassall.


In all my years of refusing

To father children,

It was not because

I did not want to deal with

Feedings at three in the morning or

Impending pre-teen angst or even because

I feared the financial ramifications—

I am simply scared to death

That I will raise

An innocent bulls-eye

Whose dreams will remain unfulfilled

By the hands of racist policemen