our image.s.
always half.
always burning.
always welt.
always bent.
always garish.
always crawling.
always high.
always drunk.
always severed.
always flayed.
always vomiting.
always laughter laced with choking.
always chained.
always searing.
always stoic.
always monolith.
always ghetto.
always prisons.
always passive.
always stunted.

always begging.
always indifferent.
always deceit.
always vicious.
always lazy.
always sex.
always abusive.
always abused.
always slave.
always adult from birth.
always child until death.
always pain.
always servant.
always at a mercy.
always unagency.
always aggressor.
always sadness.
always sinister.
always rabid.
always grasping.
always grabbing

always razor blade.
always grotesque.
always apathetic.
always bloody.
always beast.
always body.
always regendered.
always misgendered.
always gendered.
always object.
always mammy.
always mule.
always mockery.
always accessories.
always vulgar.
always poverty.
always disgust. ing.
always whore.
always rage.
always blank.
always calculating.

always docile.
always stud.
always inept.
always killing.
always ugly.
always dumb.
always drugs.
always loathing.
always tragic.
always lurking.
always animal.
always respectable. politics.
always high white.
always fetish black.
always unpowered.
always hyperbolic.
always fear.
always on fire.
always impotent.
always destruction.
always spectacle.
always shatter.

always exacted into the perfect porn star.
to bring the world to orgasm.

 emotional porn (the black image industry), nayyirah waheed | from 'nejma' (via nayyirahwaheed)


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